Are you constantly struggling to prevent weeds from taking over your garden or your flower beds? Are you spending so much time pulling weeds that you don’t have much time left over for your family?

Garden mulch employed properly will cut down on weeds and erosion. Mulching also creates clean lines around flower beds and helps create a clean and healthy look for your property.

Mulching is the best option for basic yard and garden maintenance, which delivers lasting benefits. The simple process of mulching can add life to the soil, ensuring that the plants will grow and develop just the way you want them to.

Mulching adds that much-needed protective layer to your soil and can be sourced either from organic materials (straw, grass clippings, bark chips, etc) or inorganic materials (brick chips, stones, and plastic).

After your flower beds are shaped, usually after the first buds are forming in the early spring, make sure to mulch those beds to help protect the young plants getting ready to grow.

GeorgiaCompleteTreeService offers a service to deliver and spread mulch.

Benefits of mulching include:

* Good for uniformity of growth due to evenness in soil temperature

* Weed growth elimination and prevention

* Soil erosion prevention

* Increased moisture retention

* Decreases compaction due to heavy downpours

We have the equipment and experience to spread the mulch professionally. Having us do your mulching will save you time and energy and keep your landscape looking its best.

We have the following mulch services available:

* Black/Red/Brown dyed mulch services

* Hemlock/ Cypress/ Cedar mulch services

* Playground mulch services

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