“A tree is a living thing and its integrity and stability change over time. Don’t assume that a tree that has survived ten severe storms will necessarily survive its eleventh.” - National Arborist Association (U.S.A)

The heavy rains and winds of spring can cause trees to crack, split, and uproot. Large branches may break off in strong winds, or even from the weight of winter ice.

Heavy rains saturate the soil so deeply that, when strong winds come, tree roots sometimes cannot stay firmly planted in the ground Because of storms, trees often get uprooted and may sometimes fall on a roof or on a vehicle, causing extensive and expensive damage.

Sometimes older trees become unstable, and you can tell they’re getting ready to fall soon.

GeorgiaCompleteTreeService will remove the trees which have already been uprooted or ones that have become unstable. We will do this without causing any further damage to your property. We have the experience and capability of removing dangerous, storm-damaged trees.

Our certified arborist will assess your damaged trees and determine whether broken trunks and limbs can be saved, or if they should be removed.

We do storm damage prevention strategies such as:

* Crown Thin Trees to Allow Air Movement thru the Canopy

* Cable-Wrap Heavy Limbs, or Weak Crotches to Secure Them

* Remove Hazardous Limbs or Trees Around House

* Prune Back Limbs to Lighten the Load

Storm Damage Cleanup or Repair Services include:

* Remove Fallen Trees or Debris

* Provide Crane Services for Hazardous Situations

* Repair Trunk Damage Where Possible

Let us assess the storm damage to your trees. We will let you know if the damage is serious enough that the tree needs to be removed, or if it simply needs to be pruned. We are able to deal with all sorts of storm damage to trees.

Keeping you and your family safe is of primary importance to us. If you have any trees around your house that you feel may be unsafe, give us a call at (404) 620 - 2113 to schedule a Complimentary Consultation.

We offer 24/7 emergency service, so give us a call and we’ll help relieve some of that burden with fast and efficient service.




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